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Greeting From Jamaica: Azusa


Hail Redskins Fans, this is Azusa!

I can't believe the trip is almost over. I've been so happy to see my WRC sisters nail their shoots.

And yes...It's my turn. It is my shoot day. I woke up 3am in the morning and got ready for hair and make up. I'm so thankful to all the hair and make up artists a.k.a. glam squad who did an amazing job making us look gourgeous. It's been rain at times here but today it's bright and sunny which totally hyped me up! With my buddy and my teammates by my side, I felt so comfortable shooting.

After the shoot, some of us went on a Catamaran and cruised around the bay. It was crystal clear water as far as the eye can see and breezy wind gave us Jamaican vibes. We had several super fun shoots on the boat with a Tyler our photographer.

In the afternoon, my squad buddy Kelly had her photoshoot. It is WRC tradition to support your buddy when she is shooting. The shoot continued until after sunset but she did incredible. I'm very proud of her. And I'm glad through this trip our bond got stronger!

I can't wait to see how everyone's pictures turn out! And lastly, I appreciate our photographers, Richard and Tyler, and their camera crews for making us look beautiful.


Hey Redskins family it's Ashley C. here and just wanted to tell you all a little about my experience as a rookie. Growing up I came from a gymnastics and cheerleading background. I lived in the gymnastics gym and competed up until age 16. In the mix of it all I also took up cheerleading which lead me to where I'm at today. I always dreamed of becoming an NFL Cheerleader and after graduating college I knew that this is what I wanted to do and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen. 


From auditions, to the first draft day performance, to here in beautiful Jamaica shooting for our 2017 calendar  has been nothing but amazing. Our trip to Jamaica started early Tuesday morning when we arrived in gorgeous Negril. Everyone here has treated us with such hospitality. Thursday I had my photo shoot which started off at 3:00am with hair and makeup. I was extremely nervous but with the help of my squad buddy, Javai, she helped me feel relaxed and ready to go. I had the opportunity to shoot with well known photographer Richard who has been working with the Redskins organization for the past 18 years. The photo shoot took place at the wonderful Riu Palace Resort. The scenery was in between two bushes, it was very tropical. I followed up with a fun shoot with Tyler in the pool. 


I also had the opportunity to assist my squad buddy Javai with her photo shoots. We started at 3:00 am with hair and makeup. Javai had the honor to recreate a throw back calendar shoot that our Director Jamilla did years ago. She looked fabulous and nailed it on the first shot. Overall this whole experience has been nothing but incredible and I can't wait to see what the rest of season has in store!


Hail to the Redskins,

Ashley C.

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