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Greeting From Jamaica: Kiki


Hey Redskins Fam!

Hope D.C. weather is staying sunny for you while we're enjoying beautiful Negril, Jamaica. Me and my teammates are so busy but I wanted to make sure to give you an update on everything that's happening.

This year I got to participate in my first destination calendar shoot! I was glad to be in the 2016-2017 calendar, but extremely excited to travel on this trip and have a photographer shoot me in this amazing, scenic environment. Gorgeous white sands and clear blue water surround us our amazing team and glam squad makes us feel like golden goddesses.

Watching my sisters gracefully pose in front of the camera makes me so proud to be a WRC. This is such an humbling and gracious experience, since I see myself as a petite lady with big dreams, but an even bigger heart. The love and support we show one another while on set helps keep us motivated and because of it, I know you won't be able to put your 2017-2018 calendar down.

Lastly, big thank you to the RIU Negril staff for our beautiful accommodations and assisting our needs during this trip. The staff has been awesome and I would definitely recommend my family and friends to vacation here.

See you back in D.C.!


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