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Griffin III-Garçon A 'Special' Combination


When the Redskins traded up for a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick, head coach Mike Shanahan knew they needed a playmaking receiver to complement his rookie signal caller.

He found a pair in Joshua Morgan and Pierre Garçon.

"We need good players, not necessarily veteran guys," he said in yesterday's press conference.  "Guys that we think are difference-makers, guys that can make plays, make a small play into a big play."

"You're hoping to have some of those guys."

Morgan has been limited by injury so far this preseason, but Garçon filled that role on offense in the first preseason game vs. the Bills.  On third down in the red zone, he caught a screen pass in the flats, and turned it into a 20-yard touchdown.

"He runs exceptionally fast and he can make breaks very quickly," Shanahan said of Garçon. "He can do it at full speed. That's one of the reasons we went after him No. 1."

A common theme of each of Shanahan's Super Bowl teams was the presence of a franchise quarterback and a go-to receiver.  John Elway had Rod Smith, Steve Young had Jerry Rice, and now Shanahan hopes to find that winning combination in Garçon and Robert Griffin III.

"They both have the ability," he said.  "I really do believe that Pierre is very, very special and Robert is very special as well.

"A lot of work will have to take place between now and then, but hopefully we will keep on improving and they will be in that company in the future."

Griffin III rejected the notion of Garçon as his 'favorite' target, but the two connected for three of Griffin III's four completions, and the only score against the Bills.

"We are looking to grow together as a quarterback and receiver," Griffin III said.  "He's got great hands, downfield speed, and he's big and tough. I think he's got the total package."

Shanahan said he's seen both players progress individually and collectively since offseason activities, and expects their bond to grow stronger over time.

 "I think any relationship grows the more time you spend together," Shanahan said.  "It's a necessity. You have to get a feel for each other. They're working as hard as they can to make that happen."




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