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Griffin III To Continue To Play 'Fearless'


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is still months away from taking his first NFL hit, but has already stated his approach: fearless.

"I'll get a feel for it," he told the media after yesterday's practice.  "One thing I won't do is play with fear. You have to continue to play fearless."

That should be second nature for Griffin III, who had 528 college rushing attempts for 2,254 yards and 33 touchdowns.

The biggest adjustment he will have in the NFL is the speed of the game.  The goal of the defenders is the same at every level.

"I'm not going to go try to run over linebackers and safeties," he explained.  "In college, guys try to take you out, so it's no different in the pros.

"It's just that these guys are a lot better at doing what they're trying to do, so I'll be smart."

Griffin III has the confidence of head coach Mike Shanahan, who intends to utilize Griffin III's full skill set.

"It's a two-edged sword," Shanahan said.  "There's not a lot of guys with 4.35 speed or 4.3 speed.  He'll make some plays that are off-schedule, and that's obviously a big advantage for us.

"I think he's got a natural feel for that, even in the open field. He's 225 pounds and he's strong, very athletic. A lot of times he'll outrun people."

Griffin III is comfortable running out of bounds to avoid a hit, but mentioned his slide as one facet of his game that needs work.

"If I need to slide, I'll slide. If I need to run out of bounds, I'll run out of bounds," he said.  "But by no means will I play with fear."




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