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Griffin III Using Mobility To Aid Aerial Attack


Most weeks when the Redskins' offense takes the field, No. 10 will be the fastest man on the gridiron.

Robert Griffin III has game-changing mobility (2,254 yards, 33 collegiate rushing touchdowns), and sub-4.4 speed that begs to be utilized.

But the rookie quarterback insists that mobility is only a facet of his game, one that he intends to use to become a better quarterback.

"I was blessed with the ability to move around a little bit," he said.  "Of course, being an athletic quarterback, I can run, so people can see that.  I like playing quarterback. I don't like being a running back."

As a freshman at Baylor, Griffin III ran the ball on 40 percent of plays, and had a college passer rating of 142.0.  By his senior year, he ran the ball only 30 percent of plays, and had raised his passer rating to 189.5.

While speed turns quarterbacks into playmakers, Griffin III has learned to utilize it inside and outside of the pocket, waiting for a play to develop downfield.  As tempting as it is to run, sometimes it is best to be patient.

"I think whenever you get outside the pocket, you've got less options, so you want to stay in the pocket," Griffin III explained.  "I like throwing in the pocket."

With that being said, he isn't afraid to make a play with his legs.  Head coach Mike Shanahan has already discussed adding to the playbook to account for his special skill set.

"You've got to account for that speed," Shanahan said.  "We can do some things – if it's running the option, running the counter option--doing things that are not going to be the staple of your offense--that really dictate what defenses can do and can't do."

He continued: "A lot of quarterbacks are just considered runners. Robert has proven that he can drop back and throw with anybody in the National Football League. He has that type of arm strength. Everything else is a progression."

Griffin III has only been with the team for five weeks, but already estimates that he knows "60 to 70 percent" of the playbook.

Shanahan believes Griffin III can handle the responsibilities at quarterback, and will only get better from here.

"He's very sharp, he's attentive, and he's doing all he can to make himself better," Shanahan said.  "He's a worker even though he's very talented.  He's still an overachiever and you love to be around those guys."

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