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Gruden, Jackson Join Jay Glazer For 'Glaze Across America' Tour

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Jay Glazer, NFL analyst and Mixed Martial Arts trainer, continued his DraftKings bus tour Wednesday with a stop at Redskins Park.

What's bizarrely known as the "Glaze Across America" tour (I know it's a play on his name, but still), Glazer has gone around to every team site during the preseason and interview one or two players and coaches about their team.

It appears he chose head coach Jay Gruden and wide receiver DeSean Jackson, even though Glazer has some experience working out with safety Dashon Goldson in the offseason.

Goldson stayed in shape this offseason by training at Glazer's MMA-inspired gym in Los Angeles.

"They're really tough, man," Goldson said of the workouts to the Washington Post. "They test you pretty good."

The article describes Glazer having a reputation for now allowing athletes to put their hands on their hips, and for demanding they put on a neutral face even if they experience pain.

Luckily, no wrestling was done in the confines of Glazer's RV yesterday.

We'll post the interview once it goes up. 




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