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How Evander 'Ziggy' Hood Got His Name


Imagine being named after Evander Holyfield. Then imagine being called a cartoon's name instead.

Such has been the fate for Ziggy Hood, the Redskins defensive linemen that signed with the team this past winter, whose father chose his birth name and whose grandmother chose the name that stuck.

"Me and him used to watch pay per view fights," Hood said of his father. "So I've been stuck with Evander battling with Ziggy for a while...or depending if I get in trouble or not."

The reason for Ziggy has as much to do with his ethnicity. Hood is half-Mexican, and his grandmother had a difficult time pronouncing Evander. So she chose something easier – her favorite cartoon character, Ziggy.

The character is pretty much the opposite of Hood.

As described by Go Comics, he's "perpetually one step behind, one nickel short, one lane away from the fast lane. But we love him for it, because everyone feels like Ziggy now and then."

I'm sure Hood could agree, though the Redskins just hope not when he's on the field. 




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