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How To Eat Like Cornerback Will Blackmon


Each Friday during the football season, USA Today chats with a different NFL player and asks them about their weekly diet and dieting tips.

This week they chose Redskins cornerback Will Blackmon. It should be noted that there are certain privileges that come with being an NFL player, notably having healthy snacks around the Redskins Park facility at easy disposal and chefs that prepare meals every day meant to provide healthy, tasty choices.

So, take this regimen as something to aspire to, even if three meals and two snacks each day, using all kinds of fruits and vegetables and lean meats isn't always an option for your chaotic and busy lifestyle.

Then again, this could be exactly what you need.

For breakfast:

Spinach and tomato egg white omelet and half of a grapefruit.

For morning snack: Herbalife 24 chocolate protein shake and an apple

For lunch: Two or three servings of six ounces of chicken breast, green/red bell peppers, on a salad with a light dressing and on large orange.

For afternoon snack: One coconut milk, yogurt with half cup of almonds, cottage cheese.

For dinner: Lean steak (sirloin or top round), one cup of steamed spinach, one cup of steamed carrots, half cup of brown rice, honeydew.

All meals should be eaten two and a half to three hours apart. And Blackmon makes sure to add that drinking eight glasses of water daily will keep the fat away.

The article also has directions and ingredients to make Blackmon's wife's enchiladas.

The more you know…




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