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Is Trent Williams A Locker Hoarder? Kirk Cousins Thinks So

Look, it's not exactly like Trent Williams can help it. What would you do with a nearly endless supply of Nike products being shipped to you each week?

It's December, and all of the jerseys and cleats and gear have piled up in his space to a point that the casual observer – say, quarterback Kirk Cousins – might be concerned that his left tackle, occupying two corner lockers near to him, might be engaging in some hoarding.

That's probably why Cousins posted a photo before the team's walkthrough on Thursday, suggesting he should sign up his blindside protector to be featured on the popular television show. To do that, Williams would have to have a serious problem and admit that he's a hoarder. So, is he?

"Hell nah," Williams said when asked about his lockers. "I've just got a lot of stuff. I'm probably going to start giving it away."

The Washington Redskins revealed a brand new player locker room at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park just in time for the 2016 season.

It is the season of giving, and Williams has a lot to give, especially cleats. Williams wears a new pair for every game and goes through a couple during the practice week. Inside a bottom compartment of one of his lockers, it seemed like 20 pairs were practically falling out.  

"I've been here eight years so my gear has really started to pile up," Williams said. "I've got somebody to clean it out for me. Every now and then it looks like that…the second locker was very much needed as you can see. I think the big Nike box and all the clothes spewing out the locker makes it seem a little worse than it is. I put it on the hanger, take the Nike stuff home, I'll be straight."

Around this time, Cousins approached his locker and realized his teammate was being grilled about his "Hoarders" suggestion.

"Kirk, you've got me answering questions about hoarding stuff, that's a real condition," Williams said. "You shouldn't make light of that situation."

"All publicity is good publicity," Cousins said laughing.

"That's when you're a rapper," Williams replied.

Cousins continued jabbing him, disclosing the extra storage unit Williams also has in the team's equipment room. Williams admitted he has more jerseys there, many of which are framed and need to be taken home – he just forgets to drive his truck into the facility each day.

"The real estate used to be really, really good," Cousins said, looking at the sloppy space near him. "Location, location, location."

"That's 40 million dollars right there," Williams said. "This is prime real estate in this locker room, what are you saying?"

Williams explained that he's been so focused on returning to the field and receiving treatment for his knee that he's let his corner fall by the wayside. He expects to have it cleaned out by Friday, before the team flies out to Los Angeles, but did make sure to say his house didn't have the same kind of messiness.

"My mom probably wouldn't allow me to live like this," Williams said. "She'd probably be mad at me if she saw my locker."

To be fair, there is little closet space at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park for someone who receives more clothing than can really be fit into a small locker -- especially for an offensive lineman that prides himself on being fashionable, which isn't often the case for players at Williams's position.

"That's a misconception," Williams said. "I take pride in being one of the cleanest O-lineman in the NFL. I'm bringing it back. We got some people supporting, too. Morgan [Moses] comes with it, Ty [Nsekhe] got a little swag to them. The Pouncey brothers be swagging. It's coming back, man. We're bringing it back."

If you still disapprove of Williams's cleanliness, let the Pro Bowler give you one more perspective.

"There's a method to the madness for sure," Williams said. "At least I get to pick from an abundance of what I want to wear every day. Kirk, I think he's had the same sweats for like the last five years. At least I can do that."

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