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Jason Hatcher Is Really Excited For His Wife's New Pilates Studio

At this point in his career, health is a consistent and pertinent issue for Redskins defensive end Jason Hatcher, who at season's end said he would mull over the possibility of retirement after serving 10 years in the league.

That's a lot of wear and tear, but with a good month since the end of the season it seems Hatcher is already back in action and getting his body into shape again thanks to his wife, Natasha.

She recently opened a new Pilates studio called Bodybar, a “fitness boutique that offers Pilates-inspired, high intensity classes,” in Southlake, Texas. The classes there provide various kinds of workouts from beginners to experienced athletes and focus on core and cardiovascular strength training.

Hatcher, a noted hot yoga enthusiast, has become a champion of this place and posted to Instagram quite a few times.

That last fact should not be taken lightly considering Hatcher is the only man in these classes (at least from this video), which takes a certain amount of guts to put online. Or maybe he's just a trailblazer, hoping to inspire Southlake men to try a class, even when it seems too girly.

"So proud of my wife @nathat1 for having the belief and the vision behind opening up such a cool studio in @bodybarsouthlake," Hatcher writes in his caption. "All the countless hours of hard work, the sacrifice of traveling and being apart is finally paying off. This will be a special place for alot of people. It's definitely a place that God has created for her to serve her purpose. I can't wait to see what God does with the people who decide to be a part of our new business. Thanks to our @bodybarstudios family."

In his latest post, in which he's participating in some crunches, Hatcher captions, "time to get ready for summer. See you soon!!!!"

If I were a betting man, that doesn't sound like somebody deciding to hang up the cleats (see: Marshawn Lynch) just yet. Maybe Bodybar has inspired another year? If so, Hatcher's wife deserves most of the credit. 




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