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Jay Gruden Trash Talks With Deion Sanders Following Eagles Victory


After defeating the Eagles 27-22, the Redskins were certainly feeling good. Head coach Jay Gruden continued those positive vibes in his postgame chat with former NFL cornerback Deion Sanders on NFL Network's Gameday Prime show.

Gruden wasted no time in reminding Sanders of a bit of history between the two of them.

"You know in 1986, Deion, I threw a post route against you to James Howard for the Louisville Cardinals," Gruden said.

Of course Sanders, a product of Florida State, couldn't have been more surprised that Gruden brought some trash talking to the interview from 30 years ago.

"You're joking," Sanders proclaimed.

"I swear, 56-yarder right over the top of you. That's my claim to fame," Gruden said."

But Sanders, naturally, was quick to refute that could be the case.

"That couldn't have been me," Sanders said. "56 yarder? If you would have said 15, 20, but 56 yarder?"

Gruden claims to have the play on tape, but may be just a bit off with how long the pass actually was. According to an article on the game from the Sun Sentinel in 1986, Gruden did indeed throw a 53-yard completion to Howard in the game against the Seminoles, which is most likely the pass he is referring to.

Gruden finished the game at quarterback with 10 passes for 189 yards after injuring his left knee in fourth quarter.

The likelihood of coach Gruden sharing any game footage may be slim as Florida State went on to win 54-18, a fact Sanders was more than happy to bring up at the end of the interview, despite Gruden saying he didn't realize they had started the interview when he had initially brought it up.

"You sure nothing else happened in that game," Sanders asked.

"Yeah, you guys beat us pretty good," Gruden admits.

Still, a pass that long over Sanders is something that Gruden should be proud of.  But we'll take the winning that he did this past Sunday. 

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