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Joe Jacoby Knows The Hall Of Fame Is All About Campaigning


Although Redskins great Joe Jacoby missed out on Hall of Fame back in February after being a finalist for the first time in his career, he now understands what he has to do to get inducted.

Jacoby talked about improving his chances come next year on ESPN 980's "Cooley & Kevin" Monday morning at the Redskins Charity Golf Classic.

"I mean it's like running a political campaign," Jacoby said. "You got to get out there and put your name in front of the selectors."

While Jacoby's numbers speak for themselves, the three-time Super Bowl champion also had a little help from some old friends, who will most likely campaign for Jacoby again in 2017.

"Fortunately for me, the Hogettes took it upon themselves with the social media," he said. "I mean they were blitzing everything. They were tweeting 10 different selectors every week starting from August with these packets and stuff that they did.

"My gosh we made it to four Super Bowls, won three and I have to remind people of that. I think the thing that hurts us older guys, guys who played in the 80's, is that there are some new selectors and they don't remember past 2000. It's what's on there now, and all the social media is from the players who played in the last 15 years."

Between all his campaigning, Jacoby had room to watch the Redskins in 2015 and believes they have a strong future.

"What I saw last year that I hadn't seen in previous years, was they went into a losing streak and they could've folded their tents, but they did not," Jacoby said. "I think a lot of that [success in 2015] comes back to the coaching staff, keeping the guys motivated and involved."

After making four Super Bowl appearances and winning three of them, Jacoby knows a lot about what it takes to win in the NFL: team chemistry is key.

"I still think a team is not built overnight," Jacoby said. "I think Scot [McCloughan] is on the right path to having a great team here in Washington."




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