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Joe Jacoby Reflects On Career Upon Final 15 Hall Vote


As legendary Redskins offensive lineman Joe Jacoby waits eagerly to find out if he's made the final 15 candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class this year, Talk of Fame Sports Network caught up with him on a recent broadcast.

Serving as a way to promote his candidacy and pick his brain, the interview ranged mostly within the confines of Jacoby's playing days – his toughest opponents, his favorite teammates, his most memorable teams.

Jacoby was first asked about the most challenging player he had to block.

"Hands down, Lawrence Taylor," Jacoby said. "Because of his size [and] uncanny strong. We knew about his speed. I mean, he was a man on a mission every time you stepped on a field. His tenacity … his effort … and that was fun. You knew you weren't going to have any plays off with him. So it made the games pretty exciting.

"There were a lot of great battles we had with the Giants back then with that [defense] that [Bill] Parcells had with Harry Carson and 'L.T.' and Leonard Marshall. They had a good defense. So it was a knock-down, drag-out heavyweight fight every time we played. It went 15 rounds."

Jacoby remembers playing next to Russ Grimm on the left side of the line and how they game planned for Taylor. He said offensive line coach Joe Bugel would  line up wide receivers on Jacoby in practice to get him used to the incredible speed Taylor had.

"But you just can't [be] overconfident on that," Jacoby said. "Because then he comes back with his force and his strength coming straight into you. So you had to be pretty balanced and handle him the best way you could. Maybe the technique wasn't 100 percent all the time, but the battles went on."

Jacoby was a part of all three Redskins Super Bowls, but said the 1982 run and victory was the most sentimental.

"Number one, because it was the first one," he said.  Second, because it was on my mother's birthday. My mother passed away my rookie year in camp. So that was special to me.

"Eighty-seven, because of the Super Bowl records in a quarter with the points, Timmy Smith and 204 yards rushing and what Doug (quarterback Doug Williams) did that day. That was just unbelievable football for 15 minutes. 18 plays. 350 yards in offense.

"But I would say the most talented team, and probably the best team, was '91. We were on a mission, and we accomplished it. We give up, in 19 games, nine sacks. Pretty good for a non-mobile quarterback we had in Mark Rypien. We gave him ample time to throw the football."

Jacoby is one of 25 semifinalists for the Hall-of-Fame's Class of 2016. Votes of the 46 selectors will be revealed Thursday. 




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