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Joe Jacoby's Three Quarterbacks Make His Case For The Hall Of Fame


It's his third consecutive year being a finalist for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. It's also his last year of eligibility before becoming a senior candidate. In the eyes of his three Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, now is the time for his election.

NBC Sports Washington got former Redskins quarterbacks Mark Rypien, Doug Williams and Joe Theismann on video to give their own pitch for why Jacoby -- one of the 80 Greatest Redskins that played every position but center during his 13-year career with the Redskins – belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Here's what each of them had to say to their friend, former teammate and ultimate protector.

Mark Rypien

The reason why I think Joe Jacoby should be in the Hall of Fame is one, he should have been on the first ballot, first time. He was a consummate pro, shutdown tackle, very durable, versatile, played guard, played tackle both sides, right, left, you name it. He was a beast, a great teammate, a great friend…If they don't do it this year something's wrong and there's going to be a coup in Washington, D.C.

Doug Williams

From the Reggie White's to the Lawrence Taylor's, that's who Jake had to block and he did it well. He's the only guy that I can remember that we didn't have anybody to chip, we didn't put any tight end on his side to help with him, Jake was able to handle it for himself. When you talk about a free agent, who worked himself to that position and was able to do what he did for a long time, and to play in four Super Bowls and win three? Jake Joacoby deserves to be in the NFL Hall Of Fame.

Joe Theismann

He was Tony Boselli before Tony Boselli. He was Anthony Munoz before Anthony Munoz. Joe Jacoby deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, he earned the right to be there. And, oh, by the way, just as a little FYI, the night I got hurt, Jake wasn't on the field. I'm sure I wouldn't be standing here on a short leg if he was. Good luck, Jake.

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