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Joe Theismann, NFL Stars Make Cameos On 'Late Show' With Stephen Colbert

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As Stephen Colbert, the newest face of "The Late Show," introduced his guests last night in his opening monologue, he found himself crouching down to fit into the frame of the camera.

While briefly introducing the fact that his show would be airing after NFL football games on Thursday nights, he questioned who might be behind Camera 2, because quite frankly they weren't doing a great job keeping still.

"It's me, Stephen," said Redskins great Joe Theismann, donned in his burgundy uniform, wearing a headset as though he were part of the show's crew.

"It's Pro bowl quarterback and golden voice broadcaster Joe Theismann!" Colbert exclaimed above the applause.

"Sorry Stephen, I'm used to having the camera pointed at me," Theismann said, turning to the camera on cue. "Hello handsome."

What followed were a group of ex-NFL stars, which included Franco Harris, Richard Dent, Jim Brown and former head coach Bill Cowher. 

It was a surprising, if not slightly awkward way to introduce another season of Thursday night football on CBS. For his part, Theismann at least looked the most prepared and television-ready, even if his camera-tilting skills aren't quite up to snuff.

Theismann helped lead the Redskins to their first Super Bowl victory against the Dolphins in 1982. The two teams play each other this Sunday for the season opener, one of many Super Bowl rematches on this year's NFL schedule to commemorate the big game's 50th anniversary. 

On a side note: It's nice to know that Harris can play a mean tambourine when he wants to. 




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