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Josh Norman Catches Up With Soccer Star Paul Pogba After Game

The Redskins traveled to London this past weekend to showcase American football to an International audience. While they were unable to leave London with a win – tying with the Cincinnati Bengals – one Redskin caught up with one of Europe's own "football" stars.

Cornerback Josh Norman, a huge soccer fan, was able to catch up with Manchester United and French national team midfielder Paul Pogba.

It was Pogba's first ever NFL game. "A great experience," he said.

The two are more than just respective stars on their teams – they are friends as well.

"Of course," Norman told Comcast Sportsnet when asked if he would bring Pogba to a game in the United States. "He's been over already; he comes over a lot. We're going to get him out to the States when he's done playing, but they play all the time."

The two stars shared something this weekend that many thought wouldn't happen – both Manchester United and the Redskins tied in their respective games. 

"It's true. I was mad like him [at the tie]," Pogba said. "To be honest, I feel like I've lost when a tie happens."

"[I feel] the same way," Norman said. "He has the competitive drive the same way in me. Nobody wants to tie a ball game and come back and feel like that."

Norman said the tie feels like a loss as well, and it's going to stick with him for longer since the Redskins have a whole week off.

The all-pro cornerback asked his good friend for some advice on how to cope with the tie, since ties are much more frequent in traditional football than American football.

"You just have to think about the next game and do better," Pogba said.

The Redskins will listen to the French midfielder's advice when they take on the first-place Minnesota Vikings after the bye week.

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