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Josh Norman Didn't Expect Flag For Bow And Arrow Celebration


It didn't end up costing the Redskins, but it didn't sit right with cornerback Josh Norman.

After intercepting Browns rookie quarterback Cody Kessler in the fourth quarter, which would eventually lead to a game-clinching touchdown drive in the Redskins' 31-20 victory over the Browns, Norman couldn't resist celebrating in his own unique way.

He pretended to pull an arrow from his back and shot it into the crowd, which drew a real flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Norman, who also lamented having to undergo another drug test after the game, was surprised about the penalty.

"They always trying to take something from us," Norman said. "I don't know, the bow and arrow is something to get the crowd and fans into it. We're here in Washington and we just wanted to have fun with the crowd a little bit. I guess they called me out for it. Now they got me on their list, so I may have to go and find something else to do. Gosh."

Part of the shock was because Norman expected at most a warning after letting the pretend arrow fly. Against the Cowboys, Norman celebrated with the same bow and arrow move after an interception and NFL officials had notified him not to celebrate like that.

Even Mike Pereira, a former official and now a rules analyst for FOX Sports, had to chime in.

"I thought they were gonna warn me in this game too, or else I probably wouldn't have did it," Norman said. "End of the day I stepped on the field thinking I was gonna be okay. That didn't happen. They kind of caught me. It is what it is, we're having fun with this game, and we're a good team to have fun with it, we're gonna try to innovate some new things to do. Hopefully they won't get us for that either."

The interception came as Norman covered wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. and with the Redskins ahead 24-20. It would eventually set up a four-play drive, highlighted by a Rob Kelley one-yard rush into the end zone to extend the lead.

It's unclear what other kind of tricks Norman will pull from his bag, it just probably won't be an arrow next time.

It also means you are unlikely to hear a referee say "bow and arrow" over the PA system again, just as Jeff Triplette did on Sunday.

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