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Josh Norman Doesn't Have Time To Watch Bad Commercial Acting


One of the first initiations that cornerback Josh Norman received when he came to the Redskins was to star in a car commercial.

Not just any car commercial of course. Eastern Motors, otherwise known as Easterns Automotive Group, selected Norman, Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan as the representatives for this year's team. The trio, which shot the commercial back in May, followed a long line of famous professional D.C. athletes to have recited the classic jingle while sitting in a spinning car.

Reese Waters, a SportsCenter correspondent and comedian, who is paid by ESPN to find strange sports-related material like this and make short video segments, decided to try his hand at an Eastern Motors commercial.

It went, well…not so great, at least according to Norman, whom Waters visited at his house to get his approval.

"You sucked," Norman said unequivocally.

"You had the great ones come before it that did this song," he continued. "How did you even get up on here? You've got to get the heck out of my house because that was just a waste of time."

Norman slams the door on him. The piece concludes. The Eastern Motors jingle remains stuck in your head. 

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