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Josh Norman Makes A Visit To Paris For The Weekend To Take In Some 'Football'


Josh Norman might be looking for love, but so far his trip to Paris has been devoted to hanging out with football players, to use the country's vernacular, which is to say, soccer players.

He spent Friday visiting Training Center Ooredoo, the facility for Paris Saint-Germain, speaking (as best he could) with players and stepping onto the pitch to throw the pigskin around.

He'll also be present for the team's final game of the season at Parc des Princes, and based on his last retweet, the last game there for star player Zlatan Ibrahimović.

I'm sure Norman gave players a few pass-catching skills, though they'd only be suitable for a goalie. I guess we'll have to see whether Norman learned any new footwork when he returns for practice in Virginia. 




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