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Josh Norman Receives Jersey From Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is a huge fan of soccer.

The love Norman has for the sport was given back to him in a very cool way recently, courtesy of the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. As you can see in Norman's Twitter post, the Club gave him his own jersey (we told you it was a cool gesture).

As often as he can, Norman hops on a jet and goes overseas to spend time with the PSG players, like he did during the team's break between OTAs [Organized Team Activities] and minicamp.

That was the crux of his recent ESPN cover story, in which writer Kevin Van Valkenburg notes that "he's brought a duffel bag full of Washington T-shirts, jerseys, hats and gloves, and he starts handing them out to PSG players. Many of them approach with gleeful enthusiasm, intrigued to see an American athlete so fascinated by soccer."

Naturally, PSG had to return the favor. 


A post shared by Josh R. Norman (@jno24) on


A post shared by Josh R. Norman (@jno24) on

'Capt. Thiago Silva..✊🏽Respects..

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Maxwell, and I in a very deep convo.. About what? I forgot? hah..

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A post shared by Josh R. Norman (@jno24) on

Norman's even gotten his teammates involved in soccer, which not only looks like a lot of fun, but it's something that can be beneficial for the team, as it can help the players improve on their footwork and reflexes, as evidenced in this short Vine clip from training camp.

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