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Josh Norman Receives Lifesavers Gummies Care Package

Lose a bag and more will come.

Last Sunday, during the Redskins' victory over the Browns at FedExField, defensive end Ziggy Hood used a break in the action to confess a sin that must have been weighing on him pretty heavily to cornerback Josh Norma.

As caught by Showtime's "Inside the NFL" cameras, Hood explained that he had stolen Norman's bag of Lifesavers Gummies, which had been stashed in the top part of Norman's locker the previous week.

"I'm gonna pay you back for the Livesavers," Hood tells him.

"Yeah, cause I know you ate them! You ate them!" responds Norman, who tells Hood to just buy him another bag to atone.

Besides indicating that T.V. timeouts really do take you mentally out of the game sometimes, this interaction was genuinely entertaining to watch. Hood later explained he had taken the candies during Saturday’s walkthrough practice and planned to get Norman a new bag.

But then the story takes a twist. A new bag did indeed show up in Norman's locker room, but Hood said he wasn't responsible for it. Then, Friday, a box full of Lifesavers Gummies was delivered to Norman's locker.

The box was shipped by the National Confectioners Association, otherwise known as Candy USA, and with it came a note from its Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.

"Hope these treats keep you stocked up for a while. Happy Halloween, thanks for rocking the Burgundy and Gold," read safety Will Blackmon, sitting next to Norman, as members of the media watched their surprise.

"These are going to be gone tomorrow," Blackmon had to clarify before apologizing to the dentist from his alma mater, Boston College, and making a plea to kids not to eat bags like this in one sitting. (Blackmon, realizing his platform in front of cameras, also gave a quick shout out to Black Forest for supplying him Gummy Bears while he was in Seattle).

"Ziggy's probably not [getting any] because he stole my last ones," Norman said. "I knew it was him who did it, too. He didn't even say anything, he came back later and told me on the field, which was totally off script, I didn't know what was going on. I'll probably give him one, just to be nice."

Norman was still perplexed by how Hood found the gummies because he sits across from him in the locker room.

"Ziggy Hood's locker is on the other side like the West Wing. He came to the East side. I was like, 'Bro, how did you manage to even get over here?'" Norman said. "But the crazy thing is I keep them up here. Then it just came out of the blue. I think he felt bad about it. Great guy, he just felt a little bad about it, during the middle of the game, 'Bro I'm sorry, I ate your gummies.'"

Not even Norman's popular Batman figurine could stop the transgression.

"[Hood] took a whole entire bag," Norman said. "Batman didn't protect us. That's what he's here for. We have a lot of little squirrels running around here, can't really tell who's stealing people's nuts or whatever. I think I've got to lock my locker up like a fortress."

Still, nobody has claimed to be the one who delivered the bag of gummies that came before the care package arrived.

"I don't know," Norman said. "It's a mystery."

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