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Josh Norman Visits Diehard Redskins Fan In Israel

On the NFL Honors red carpet a couple of weeks ago, cornerback Josh Norman made some cryptic comments about his next big trip. He had just returned from England, had travelled to Minneapolis for the weekend, but couldn't contain his excitement for the next part of his sightseeing offseason.

"It's a mystery," he told me.

Well, it seems that mystery is exposed. In a short video posted by Courtney Fallon, cornerback Josh Norman is seen walking the streets of Shiloh, Israel, with diehard Redskins fan Eliana Pieprz, who was recently featured in the team's 85th Anniversary documentary.

As is told in the documentary, Pieprz couldn't contain her excitement when she found out the Redskins had signed Norman two years ago. She ran up the stairs and around her house, screaming about the team's latest addition and checking all the monetary figures. At training camp that year, Eliana was fortunate enough to get his autograph and a pair of his gloves, too.

"I told him I was from Israel," she says in the video. "And so we have that in my room. I keep my eye on any Giants fans that come in there."

So this recent adventure must have been a thrill for her. In the clip, they discuss a variety of topics and Eliana shows off her deep knowledge of the team's roster and season.

Norman also shows her and her mother a necklace with the chai symbol, often worn by Jewish people around their neck. In Hebrew, the word means "life."

It's a quick visit, but it seems like it meant the world to Eliana. We'll try to follow Norman's other adventures in Israel (It's the first time he has been to the country), along with several other NFL players learning more about the region and people there.

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