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Just A Handful Of Redskins Have Experience Playing At The Coliseum


Because the Los Angeles Rams only relocated from St. Louis to their new home last year, and because the Redskins haven't needed a travel itinerary for Los Angeles since 1994, and because Washington hasn't played in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum since 1989, the team's Week 2 trip to Southern California will be a new experience for the entire organization.

But for some players, that's not entirely true.

Most notably that includes wide receiver Brian Quick, who played with the Rams last year and thus has plenty of experience playing inside of the Coliseum, where Los Angeles will call its home until its new stadium is complete in 2019.

"It's a great atmosphere," Quick said. "I played in a lot of loud stadiums and exciting stadiums, but it's pretty good. It's going to be a great game. The weather is going to be great. I'm just looking forward to it."

Those with more limited experience came primarily from Pac-12 schools that had the (dis)pleasure of playing USC at least once on the road. Their experiences varied – most of the time they recalled playing night games in front of raucous fans – but they all agreed in its main characteristic: it's loud.

"I expect it to be, with the Rams performance last week and us coming there with fans traveling well, I expect it to be a good atmosphere Sunday," said safety Stefan McClure, who played at California and marveled at its design.

The Coliseum, which opened in 1923, hosts more than 93,000 people and is unique in its bowl-like structure. At one end zone, the bowl opens up to a Memorial Court of Honor, comprised of more than 50 plaques chronicling and commemorating outstanding athletes that have had an impact on the history of the Coliseum.

Cornerback Fabian Moreau, who played in the Coliseum a few times while at UCLA, was inspired seeing Reggie Bush's jersey lined up the steps towards the memorial. Moreau grew up playing running back and Bush was one of his favorite players to watch.

For linebacker Mason Foster, playing for the University of Washington in the Coliseum spurs a different kind of memory.

"We beat them on a last minute field goal," Foster remembered, when his Huskies defeated No. 18 USC, 32-31 in 2010. "It's crazy man, you know being from California, [the dream] was always playing in the Coliseum because of seeing it on T.V., but it's pretty crazy, man. It's a great football setting and it's going to be exciting."

Despite the fact that a rollicking college crowd won't be present – USC plays Texas the night before – players expect the environment to still be loud and memorable, and hope to make it more so with a victory.

"I played there when [the Trojans] were good," said longsnapper Nick Sundberg, another Cal product. "I think it's a little different than it has been in recent years. But the place rocks, man. They get super loud. It's a fun, fun atmosphere. It is very different and it's got a different feel than an NFL stadium. I'm sure the Rams have done a good job trying to make that conversion. I think everybody in this room will enjoy walking in there."

And after they do?

"We," says Quick, "just have to bring it."

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