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Kedric Golston Shares His Thoughts On Roger Goodell's Tenure


Kedric Golston has been around a long time.

He's been around so long that Trent Williams gave him a rocking chair this offseason. The longest tenured player on the Redskins, Kedric Golston, or "Uncle Ked" is a wise sage in the locker room.

Golston shared some of his wisdom in an article for The MMQB with Peter King, reflecting on his tenure in the NFL, which began with the Redskins almost exactly when Goodell became NFL commissioner, and gave some poignant thoughts on Goodell's commissionership, the financial growth of the game and NFL global expansion.

"[Goodell] has never lost sight of wanting the league, teams and players all to succeed together," Golston wrote. "The owners hired him to do a job, and he's done it—quite well most would say. He's led the growth of the NFL, creating new revenue streams that have taken our game from a national pastime to a global player by making inroads into the fan bases of Europe, Mexico, Canada, Japan and soon China, based on reports of potential future games there."

Golston, who is a player representative for the Redskins, also shared his thoughts on an 18-game schedule, player fines and health benefits in the context of the collective bargaining agreement. He expressed optimism for the future of the game. "I believe Roger Goodell understands that this is true for countless players and knows the place the game and the league have in our nation's social fabric and history," Golston said. "I believe he has the success and future of the game at heart. It should be evident that as commissioner of the NFL the last 10 years, Goodell has done a remarkable job of spearheading growth of the league in many ways. We all, current players and owners alike, owe it to the players of the future and the greatest fans on earth to give them a better game in every way we can, while keeping it the game that has been played by professionals and loved by fans for almost a century."

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