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Keenan Robinson Explains Lunch Pail Mentality

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Go ahead and make fun of Keenan Robinson for bring a lunch pail with him to practice.

Once you realize why he does it (as he did during the first practice yesterday), you won't anymore.

"It's kind of a twofold thing," he said. "One, it's kind of a thing where I can put the stuff I need during practice – my energy drinks, stuff to keep my going like Gatorades, snacks when I get hungry – but also it's also to bring that lunch pail mentality to work every day. When guys see that, at first they were laughing, but they know I'll bring my A-game to practice and treat every practice like an opportunity to get better. Not going through the motions."

And Robinson most certainly a guy who just goes through everything without intensity, just look at his numbers last season as proof.

"That's what I'm looking forward to doing and that's what it represents," he said.




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