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Ken Houston Makes Another Stop On Israel Trip

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We mentioned a few days ago that Redskins great defensive back and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ken Houston has been travelling in Israel with 18 other HOFers to visit the country and sprread the game of football there.

Today, it looks like Houston will be part of a documentary about the trip, as he posed for an interview after visiting the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem today.

Houston, along with his ther gold jacket members, have gone around to military bases to speak with pilots and also spent a night at a football field, speaking to many Israeli football players about their careers and imparting some of their wisdom as the youngsters look to excel in the sport.

You've got to love his burgundy Hall of Fame shirt, too.

Speaking of Bethlehem, I wonder if Houston might be fortunate enough to run into #HBKerrigan while he's over there...




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