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Kevin Durant Is In The Same Fantasy League As Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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Monday was NBA Media Day, which means, like Super Bowl media day, after hopes for the upcoming season are expressed, players usually must sit and answer innocuous, occasionally funny questions from media members that don't cover basketball for a living.

This can be contentious (see: Gregg Popovich) or lighthearted and receptive, which is the route NBA superstar Kevin Durant took to discuss his Washington Redskins, several days after seeing them play in person at MetLife Stadium.

Durant, who was recently medically cleared to play this season, caught up with The Redskins Blog Thursday in New York as he visited the Redskins' sideline. After a few days to reflect on the loss to the Giants, he addressed his support for the team again, never wavering as a diehard fan of the Burgundy and Gold.

"I love my team no matter what. I ride with my team win, lose, or draw," Durant said. "Kirk Cousins is my favorite quarterback in the league right now. I ride with my team no matter what. We took a tough [loss] but we're capable of bouncing back. We saw that when we beat the Rams. We'll see what happens next week."

Perhaps the most intriguing tidbit from this interaction came moments later, when Durant admitted that another Redskins super fan, Dale Earnhardt Jr., was in his fantasy football league.

"I beat him pretty badly my first week of fantasy," Durant said. "I never knew he was a huge Redskins fan. But it's good to see another one of us out there."

I want to join that fantasy league. Imagine the trash talk.  




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