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Kirk Cousins Debuts New Catchphrase That's Been 'In The Shop'


Over the course of the Super Bowl's media frenzy, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was a guest on many different radio and television shows, but none seemed as fun as hanging out with American Ultimate Disc League player Brodie Smith to perform trick shots.

Smith hosts Dude Perfect, a YouTube channel that shows off impossible trick shots done by elite athletes from all different sports. Naturally, Cousins was a perfect participant for their Super Bowl edition.

After throwing for nearly 5,000 yards this past season, nobody questions Cousins' accuracy, but Smith had a couple trick shots to give Cousins another way to prove his staggering ball skills.

Cousins took part in many different challenges, including knocking a cone off someone's head, throwing a football through a tossed hula hoop and hitting the field goal post from almost 40-yards out. 

The Pro Bowl quarterback wasn't there just to show off his arm. Smith also wanted to discuss Cousins' catchphrases of the past and the importance of them after a big play.

"You have to have that zinger right after you hit it to really get the people going," expressed Smith. "You've got some good ones that have got me fired up."

All Redskins fans remember Cousins' "You like that!" from 2015 and last year's "Oooweee" and "How you like me now?" But he has a new one up his sleeve that's been "in the shop," he said.

While taking a break from amazing trick shots, Cousins gave us insight on his new catchphrase that could be debuting next season. "This is the first time you're going to see it," said Cousins.

"Give them a little Bingo. Bango. Bongo. Bazinga!" he shouted, followed by a football spike

The catch phrase isn't exactly unique (Has he been watching "Big Bang Theory"?) or spur-of-the-moment, but Cousins could use it to fire up his Redskins' teammates in 2017. We'll see if they respond to it.

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