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Kirk Cousins' Father, Don, Is A Big Chris Cooley Fan


Don Cousins has gotten a lot of name drops and press this week, and all for a good reason.

At the conclusion of the Redskins' 47-14 victory over the Saints on Sunday, quarterback Kirk Cousins, who turned in a career game with a 158.3 perfect passer rating , jogged over to the front row of stands by the tunnel and into an embrace with his father, Don.

Don was recently diagnosed with cancer, specifically metastic squamous cell carcinoma,  news that came around the start of training camp.

Sunday marked the first time all season that Don had been able to attend a Redskins game to see his son play, thanks largely to his treatment sessions and general weakness. Saturday, he flew into Washington, and then watched Kirk throw four touchdowns to topple the Saints.

"It was good to enjoy a win and have family in town," Cousins said. "Hadn't spent as much time with him specifically in the last couple of months. Great opportunity to be together with family, and we don't get that much downtime. I mean, when you're playing and in this in-season routine, you're go, go, go. So Sunday night is a great time to just relax and enjoy family time."

Cousins said he still stays in touch over the phone with his dad, who lives in Orlando and had gotten treatment in Houston, Texas. When Don hasn't been able to come to games, he's watched his son's games online and apparently prefers one broadcaster in particular.

"I think he's got the game on his computer wherever he is and then he'll put in the radio of [Chris] Cooley because he wants to hear Cooley call the game," Cousins said. "He figured out how to sync it up so they're on the same time. I can only imagine him sitting there staring at his laptop with his headset in and just living and dying with every play. My dad and mom, that's a tough job to be – the parents of the starting quarterback. That can be very, very tough and they handle it well."

There you have it: Chris Cooley, favorite broadcaster of Kirk Cousins' dad. 




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