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Kirk Cousins Likes Protests. Just Don't Ask Him To Do Karaoke


Throughout his busy Super Bowl week, in which he provided an interview with just about every media outlet that asked for one, Kirk Cousins stopped by Sports Illustrated to play a game called, appropriately, "You Like That?"

Regardless of the fact that Cousins said this popular phrase as an exclamation, and not a question, the game show allowed the Redskins quarterback to consider whether he really does like some  random things, or doesn't.

Kirk Cousins stars in America's hottest game show, "You Like That?!" — SI NFL (@si_nfl) February 9, 2017

Host Maggie Gray, mentioning Cousins' love for fostering dogs, started by questioning whether Cousins likes the idea that cats will now be included in the Westminster Dog Show.

"I don't like that," Cousins said. "I'm not a cat guy to begin with. And it's the Westminster Dog Show, so let's keep dogs in the show, not cats."

Referencing Cousins' high school days as a singer in a band, and not to mention his love for musical theater, Gray wondered whether Cousins likes karaoke.

"I really don't like it," Cousins said, possibly surprising some fans. "When I go to restaurants and karaoke's playing, I never really step in and get involved. It's fun to watch other people make a fool of themselves, but I stay out of that."

For the final question, Gray gets a little more serious. With the recent protests happening throughout Washington, D.C., Cousins is asked whether he likes that people are protesting in the streets.

"I like it because I think it's our rights as citizens," Cousins said. "If you don't like protests and you've got a problem with it, then you gotta check the Constitution and what it says and what our country is built on. I'm gonna say I like it, I like the people who are exercising the right to free speech. It's a great country that we have the ability to do that."

In summary: no cats, no karaoke, check the Constitution.

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