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Kirk Cousins Mic'd Up During Redskins Victory Over Bills

"Look at what putting our foot on the gas pedal the whole time has done," a euphoric Kirk Cousins said last Sunday in the Redskins 35-25 victory over the Bills.

"This is what we did last week, too" offensive coordinator Sean McVay responded. "I'm going to keep doing that, dude. I'm learning too. Dude, I'm learning."

That was part of an exchange between the starting quarterback and the offensive coordinator that was caught on Cousins' mic'd up segment last Sunday.

Mic'd up segments can be drab sometimes, especially with players at other positions, but Cousins' was particularly fun to listen to.

After connecting with DeSean Jackson for a 77-yard touchdown in the third quarter, Cousins runs down the field, yelling "Yeah!" a few times before telling the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver "you're the best!"

As they walk off the field, Cousins, cradling the ball in step behind Jackson, points to him saying "This guy! How good is he?"

Then later in the game (but earlier in the segment), Cousins finds Pierre Garçon on an end zone fade route for touchdown.

"That's all you! That's all you! All you, [No.] 88! What a baller; what a baller!" Cousins screams to Garçon during his touchdown celebration.




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