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Kirk Cousins: 'Our Swagger Is Having No Swagger'

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Somewhere in discussing the Redskins' upcoming opponent in the Rams, quarterback Kirk Cousins referred to Alfred Morris, which made reporters refer to Morris' (now famous) bicycle, which made them remember that Kirk Cousins is still driving a conversion van to work, which questioned whether the Redskins might have the coolest backfield in the NFL.

Coolest, that is, in quotation marks, unless cool to you is retro and manual transportation.

"I would say sometimes our swagger is having no swagger," Cousins said. "I do drive a conversion van right now. I'm working on that, trying to get another car up here. Alfred tends to be biking to work. I guess we're a little quirky, little different. As long as we can be productive, I think it'll work. Let's win football games and then a conversion van will start to be cool."

Winning does make the quirky turn cool. But if you've kept up with The Redskins Blog for a decent amount of time, the news that Cousins still drives his conversion van around isn't breaking news.

We've profiled his habit, here, and profiled Morris' modes of transportation before as well.

For those who weren't aware of the story, Cousins retold it again.

"The long story of it is I bought it off my grandma a couple years ago and the car that I was driving day-to-day, to and from the facility, the lease ended on it, so I've been a little lazy and haven't gotten another car to go from A to B to work," he said. "So the van has kind of had to fill that role for now. It's a great car to take to and from FedExField because it's about an hour and a half drive from all the way out here so it's great when you have family in town and that kind of thing, but I definitely could use another car just to get from A to B."

Maybe Cousins and Morris should just consider a tandem bicycle.




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