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Kirk Cousins Pays Up In College Rivalry Bet With Nate Sudfeld

During last week's practices leading up to a Saturday matchup between the colleges of Redskins' quarterbacks Trent Williams (Michigan State) and Nate Sudfeld (Indiana), Sudfeld lamented never being able to spit in the Old Brass Spittoon – the trophy that stays with the most recent winner of the Big 10 rivalry.

Indiana had not beaten Michigan State since 2006, covering both Cousins and Sudfeld's careers, until this past Saturday when the Hoosiers erased a 14-0 deficit late in the third quarter to come back and win 24-21 in overtime. The next time Sudfeld is in Bloomington, he's already planned the first thing he's going to do.

"First time I go back to Indiana, I'm spitting in that spittoon," Sudfeld said. "I've been waiting a while to do that."

But that wasn't the only satisfaction Sudfeld received. He and Cousins had planned a bet on the game, including the loser donning a sweatshirt of the opposing school and a donation to the other's charity of choice. Sudfeld's choice for the sweatshirt part of the bet was timely to say the least, as Cousins headed towards his weekly press conference with the Hoosiers' red on.

"We weren't talking trash, it was a gentleman's bet," Sudfeld said. "I was going to have to pay towards his football camp.

"Either way, I was going to end up giving quite a bit of money at the end of the year anyway."

Cousins donation went towards Assist International, a non-profit organization that Sudfeld's family is involved in. Assist International designs and implements "humanitarian programs in the areas of Global Health, Orphaned & Vulnerable Children, Water, and Poverty Solutions that build capacity, develop opportunities, and save lives in the developing world," according to its website,

Cousins, who was given the franchise tag this offseason by the Redskins, is set to make just shy of $20 million this season. He was happy to donate.

"We based it on a percentage of salary, so Assist International is going to get a good check," Cousins said, drawing laughter from the Redskins' media contingent. "Happy to do it. It's a good thing. So I'm rocking the sweatshirt with pride and going to make that donation."

Despite the early deficit and Michigan State's historic success against Indiana, Sudfeld said he wasn't worried.

"I really wasn't (surprised)," Sudfeld said. "I know how good the Hoosiers have been. When I was there, we got better every year. We fought with these teams. We lost to Top 10 teams on the last play of the game last year. I knew we were on the brink. We laid a really good foundation and people were really starting to believe over there so I knew it was just a matter of time until we got one of these wins."

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