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Kirk Cousins' Rushing Touchdown Was Great Improvisation


It was "supposed to work a little differently."

Quarterback Kirk Cousins' touchdown run in the second quarter of the Redskins' 35-25 victory over the Bills was never designed to be a keeper. But the team was glad he kept it.

On third-and-goal from the Bills 13, the Redskins plan was for Cousins to pitch the ball to running back Matt Jones, a little shovel pass past the defensive line to bludgeon his way into the end zone. Instead defensive end Mario Williams burst through and gobbled up Jones, rendering him unavailable for a pass.

Once he realized that play was out of possibility, Cousins decided to run around the outside. The lane was open, and instead of closing, Bills defenders were either too preoccupied with DeSean Jackson and Jamison Crowder or were getting blocked by Spender Long and Jordan Reed up field. A little cut, and Cousins had the lane to dive for the score.

"The cut, I'm sure wasn't a LeSean McCoy cut, I guess it was enough," Cousins said. "I'd have to watch the film, but I'm sure there was some pretty good blocking for me to be able to get 13 yards down there. I don't think I would've made anybody miss. Credit the guys around me for making that happen."

Cousins now has five rushing touchdowns on the season, just two behind NFL leader Cam Newton and second in franchise history behind Robert Griffin III (7), set in 2012. His current total is more than Matt Jones and Alfred Morris combined.

Left tackle Trent Williams said he's seen Cousins run in practice and hasn't been surprised about his quarterback's mobility.

"It takes a bonafide pocket quarterback to go out there and make some plays in space, and I think he's very athletic, more so than people give him credit for," Williams said. "When it's a time when it's desperately needed, or time to make a play and there's nowhere else to go, having that ability to bring the ball down, be smart, and not get hit helps us tremendously."

Cousins summed up the play rather simply.

"We talk about when that happens, extend the play outside, look for a pass option, if it's not there look to run it," Cousins said. "We don't draw it up to get 13 yards and a touchdown, but I guess it's better to be lucky than good sometimes."




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