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Kirk Cousins Uses A Hyperbaric Chamber To Recover In His Room


For the past year, Redskins quarterback Trent Williams has been using his own personal hyperbaric chamber to help with his recovery during the grueling football season.

As someone constantly striving to learn about ways to help prolong his body's strength and stamina, the chamber has become a valuable tool in his progress and development as a starting quarterback in the NFL. 

"I want to play this game as long as possible so I'm trying to be very proactive in doing the right things," Cousins said. "One of the many people I see for help along those lines recommended it and I read up on the benefits of it. I've only had it for about a year but I feel like it's been a tremendous help."

The chamber exposes the body to 100 percent oxygen at a pressure greater than what a person is normally exposed to. The lungs breathe in that extra oxygen, which allows more blood flow throughout the body.

"I think the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber probably are going to be seen in the long term than in the short term," Cousins said. "But, much like any other habit that's a productive, healthy habit, you may not notice the results right away. I think it's just good for recovery and for helping heal and restore all kinds of issues that could be going on. Like I said, there's a few other teammates that have them and use them consistently and guys around the league. It's something that I think is very beneficial for one's overall health."

While the team has stayed in Richmond, Cousins has managed to fit the chamber into his hotel room, following the lead of some other teammates, and says it's pretty easy to move.

"It doesn't take up all the space," Cousins said.  "It's big, but it doesn't take up all the space. There's still plenty of room. It's a good-sized room. But definitely a good help and it fits right in the corner and does the job."

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