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Kirk Cousins Wears A Starter Redskins Jacket To Kick Off Playoff Practice Week

Quarterback Kirk Cousins was named to the NFL’s “Top 10 Best Dressed” list on Tuesday for his season-long commitment to cutting edge fashion. All year he's been cognizant of looking sharp – in burgundy suits, nice sweaters, and complementary ties.

So, maybe because he just wanted to feel comfortable, he wanted to be nostalgic or he wanted to make light of these previous facts, he zipped up in a throwback Redskins Starter jacket, per the suggestions of his wife, Julie Cousins.


She told him that since he was named as one of the best dressed of the year, the jacket would add some humor to his weekly press conference proceedings. It's just a tad big on him.

Kirk bought the jacket on eBay last year and apparently loves the brand. He grew up wearing a Florida State Starter jacket, too.

What's better than a well-dressed quarterback? A well-dressed quarterback that doesn't take himself too seriously.




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