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Kyshoen Jarrett Won't Predict Score, But Confident Virginia Tech Will Win Tonight

Check out these photos of Virginia Tech defensive back Kyshoen Jarrett, the 181st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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Kyshoen Jarrett isn't going to predict a score for tonight's Ohio State-Virginia Tech game, but he's pretty confident his boys can take home a second straight victory over the defending National Champions.

"All I see is a 'W' in our column," he said with a smile.

Jarrett will be returning to Tech's campus in Blackburg, Va., for the first time as a member of the Redskins.

He'll be joining DeAngelo Hall this afternoon for an autograph session that will also include prize giveaways.

But he's eager to see what the Hokies can do in primetime.

"I'm excited to see those boys play," he said. "As a senior, junior, I know most of them, so I came in with a lot of them. I'm excited about that defense and what Bud Foster may have cooked up. Excited to see my DBs play, excited to see the talent we have on offense, see them get to work. So I'm excited for them boys. Definitely feel like we can pull it out like we did last year. Just going to take leadership, that commitment throughout this week and they'll be able to go out there and perform."

He's also going to have to hold himself back once "Enter Sandman" comes on and all of Lane Stadium is moving.

"I'm excited to see those fans jumping," he said. "I know the feeling of walking down that tunnel and just feeling it rock cause of the fans. Shoot, I might want to get out there a little bit."




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