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Local Rap Duo Releases Passionate Redskins Song


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In the description page of "#HTTR (Washington Redskins Anthem)," a new song from rap duo identityunknwn, reads the phrase, "An anthem Washington Redskins fans can be proud of."

Travis Brady emcees, DJ Pootie spins and identityunknwn is responsible for producing and writing this new rap-turned-rock love song to the Burgundy and Gold. 

You can listen here and judge for yourself.

It begins with quieter sentiments.

"Burgundy and Gold represent my city. Many troops follow the blue stars, but we bring them down, along with their pride."

He's referring to the Cowboys, not like you didn't know.  

"Forever rest in peace number 21. No Safety Guaranteed for our enemies."

This appeals to the base and is appropriately  followed by the kind of style Sean Taylor brought to the field.

Then the heavy electric guitar line changes the mood and things get real. The song even features a quote from Santana Moss in the middle.

"Until I can't scream no more, I'll always yell 'Hail To The Redskins.'"

Sounds like they need to get to a game pronto.




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