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Louis Riddick's Time With The Redskins Prepared Him For TV

Louis Riddick is now a draft commentator on ESPN, pontificating about college prospects and who he thinks NFL teams should pursue.

The foundation for all that knowledge started, however, with the Redskins, as a pro scout starting in 2001.

"I was around some great people there," Riddick said in an interview with "I mean, Joe Gibbs is one of the great CEOs of all-time. Joe Mendes who had been the salary cap expert there was a guy who really took my scouting career and really tried to advance it both from really a procedural standpoint and how I can get better at it, and from a supporter standpoint. He was very supportive of me so I'm grateful for the people."

Riddick explained that John Schneider, the general manager of the Seahawks, first got him into scouting when he was hired along with Marty Schottenheimer. The experience, eventually advancing with the Redskins as the director of pro personnel, gave him a lot of strong experience he still uses today.

"It's all kind of contributed to where I'm at now," Riddick said. "Because those guys taught me things I use now, even though I'm on TV. What I do now, is the same procedures I used when I was scouting in personnel for teams, I still use it now at my house, I'm just not scouting now. It's really no different now, the work ethic is the same for me, protocols are all the same. It's helped me out a lot here, that's why I've been able to have the success that I've had on TV." 




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