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Matt Jones, Pierre Garçon Find $15 Dollars On The Field


It was that kind of day.

During the first Redskins drive of the second half, running back Matt Jones and wide receiver Pierre Garçon noticed some money -- $15 dollars to be exact – sitting on the field by their feet.

"I happened to look down, and there was $15 by Pierre's feet, and I was like, 'Look, Pierre, you got money there,'" Jones said to reporters.

So Garçon picked up the money, put it in his pants and ran to the sideline to give the rolled up dough to an attendant for safe keeping.

"I've never seen that on the field. I don't know who had that," said Jones, who racked up 187 total yards in the team's 47-14 win. "We were laughing so hard, and we definitely came to the sidelines and everyone was like, 'Where did you get $15 from?' It was just sitting there rolled up."

Garçon took the $10 bill and gave Jones the $5 "finder's fee," which should be enough for the wide receiver's pizza chain deal right now.

Good strategy, Pierre. 




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