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Matthew McConaughey Set To Host SNL This November

"Saturday Night Live" has pegged Matthew McConaughey and music artist Adele for its Nov. 21 show.

This is exciting news.

McConaughey hasn't hosted the show in more than 10 years, though his name and impersonations have been invoked countless times – most recently from Jim Carrey pretending to shoot his Lincoln car commercials.

You can probably expect the Redskins fan to poke fun at that advertisement persona, as well as his character from "True Detective," because they never really get old.

At a recent Q&A (see above) in Washington, D.C., McConaughey talked about growing up as a Redskins fan and what he thinks of the team as it stands now.

"I've always believed in the franchise and I look forward to where we're going," he said. "It takes a lot of forethought, it also takes some good fortune, because of injuries or something- nobody can plan on it, it's just a part of the game. Every team gets them, some people have ball bounces. I'm really looking forward to… the team has a clear identity."

This will most likely be the Thanksgiving show, so there may be some football sketches. Let's hope he convinces Lorne Michaels to let him wear some Redskins colors for a skit.




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