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McCloughan Wants To Know If Prospects Have 'It Factor'

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When looking at tape on potential draft picks, Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan wants players that have the "it factor."

Sure, that sounds relatively simple, but a lot goes into making sure every single player brought into the organization meets the benchmark.

"A lot of stuff on tape, you can see aggressiveness, you can see want-to, you can see consistent play every game if he's busting his tail to get to the ball or running the ball or whatever," McCloughan began. "But a lot of it, like you said, a lot of people sitting here can watch a game and say 'That's the best player on the team. This guy scores three touchdowns or whatever.' But you've got to get in here and here [pointing to heart and head]."

While McCloughan admitted that not every pick ever taken will be a home run, he did reiterate the fact that once a player is on the roster, it's up to the staff to get them to excel at a high level.

"If I've said it one time I've probably said it 100 times, let's find out what makes him tick," he said. "Does he have that 'it' factor? Understand, if we're going to have a two-game losing streak, is he one of the guys that is going to pull us out of it or is he going to stay in it? I want those guys that are all football. They're intelligent, but they're passionate. They want to be successful as a team, not as an individual, but as a team."




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