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Mike Mayock Believes Kirk Cousins Is The Redskins QB Of The Future


A lot has been written about whether the Redskins should franchise tag quarterback Trent Williams or whether they should attempt to give him a long term contract. But the general consensus is that, one way or another, the team should re-sign him.

Count NFL media analyst Mike Mayock, who spoke to the media on a conference call Tuesday regarding the upcoming Combine, as part of that crowd.

"I do believe Kirk Cousins is the quarterback of the Redskins for the future and I think a lot of that is philosophically, he aligns perfectly with what Jay Gruden wants to do," Mayock said.  "So yeah I do believe he's the guy."

Mayock was at Cousins' Pro Day at Michigan State four years ago and was impressed by the fact that Cousins was able to run his entire Pro Day by himself.

"He worked out with his Michigan State teammates for about three or four days in a row prior to the Pro Day and had a script that he put together of 60 or 80 plays and it was amazing watching him run that," Mayock said. "And basically I was standing next to 3 different offensive coordinators watching and they were all going, 'holy crap, this is awesome, this is what you want to see a quarterback do.' He's taking control, he's a leader, he's showing up and he knows his offense, and he's directing everybody where to go."

Mayock said he paid special attention to Cousins after that moment and then soapboxed about the lack of development of quarterbacks in the league.

"I think the result is that we only have 10 or 12 franchise quarterbacks," he said. "We don't take the time to develop them. So this kid got some time and then he got a head coach that believed in him, Jay Gruden, and what he does well matches up with what Jay Gruden wants to do. So I think it was the confluence of a smart, tough kid, along with a coach that believed in him and an offense that fits him and he's taken advantage of it."

Cousins has already taken advantage of his offseason publicity tour. He's visited London, tried out English accents, competed in Tottenham quarterback challenges, visited San Francisco and broken World Records with Antonio Brown.

Now, as February draws to a close, he's getting down to business, which is to say he's working up a real sweat as he starts preparing for next season.

That includes some boxing lessons, it appears, something he posted to his social account on Tueday.

Cousins also notes that he and Floyd Mayweather are both from Western Mich., so I guess it's only fitting he should call himself "Cassius Kirk."

Let's see if Mayock follows that nickname, too.    




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