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Mike Shanahan Full Transcript: 06/12

On the best thing that happened during the spring:

"Well, that's a good question. The thing that you're looking for –the first couple weeks, guys come in, they're getting back in football shape. Then the next three weeks you kind of isolate your positions to drill work, kind of going back through the fundamentals. Then the four weeks after that, you kind of have a little competition where you learn the offense, you learn the defense, you learn the special teams. You have the first couple weeks where you're kind of learning the offense and the defense. Then the next two weeks you're putting them in situations where you're moving the ball, you have two minutes, you're putting them in second-and-long situations, red zone, four-minute – just different situations that you see during the season. And at the end of camp you feel, at least collectively, you could almost go out and play a game, that's what you're looking for. But, it's very important to get a lot of these young guys who aren't used to the terminology, aren't used to the system, it gives them a chance to compete once we go to Richmond. Hopefully over the next five weeks they can study their playbook, they can do the things that, you're hoping that they do when they have some time off so that when they do come in, they don't have to think, they can react and have a chance to make our football team."

On the status of tryout wide receiver Donté Stallworth:

"We haven't signed him yet but we'll likely have him signed before he leaves the building, so hopefully we can do that."

On if he is anxious for quarterback Robert Griffin III to make the final step in his recovery to return:

"I think the one thing you have to understand – with all the number of guys we have got out there that are hurt – you don't know when they will be back, you really don't. And what you do is you have to focus on the guys that are playing. I think if you do that, then you've got a chance when somebody is well to fit them back in and go full speed. You're trying to really concentrate on the guys that are able to practice or able to play. I want all those guys back hopefully healthy. I think, like we talked about yesterday, the majority of them will be back, maybe a couple won't. But, you keep your fingers crossed and you're hoping guys get well, but if not, the game goes on."

On if there are any plays that will be taken out of the game plan because they make Griffin III vulnerable:   

"I think that is what you do as a coach. You take a look at what people do well, what people don't do well and if they don't improve on it, you definitely take it out. I mean, that is what you'd like to do. Being around Joe Montana, having a chance to coach Joe, there's not too many things that he couldn't do. He'd get upset if the ball didn't hit somebody in the right number. If it was in the wrong number, he would apologize for it. I don't think I've ever been around a guy quite that accurate, but he would actually apologize if he [hit] on the back side number instead of the strong side number. I had not experienced that before. A lot of these quarterbacks are perfectionists. They're going to do whatever they can to put themselves in the right situation, but as a coach, if you feel somebody … that is not their favorite play, then you do eliminate it."

On if he eliminates plays for Griffin III:

"We do it for everybody."

On what plays would be taken out of the game plan:

"He didn't do a whole lot of plays that he wasn't good at. Most of the plays he did he was very successful at. That's what you do. I mean, when you get ready for a game plan or you're putting in the offense, you see what somebody does right in practice and you try to emphasize that area."

On Griffin III going out for a pass against Pittsburgh:

"You know, it's funny – we ran that with [John] Elway a number of times and usually it doesn't happen quite like it did. The guy that's throwing the ball takes a little longer than possible and Robert's speed, usually that ball is thrown away. It just shows you what type of athlete you do have there. But that play is definitely out of the game plan. [Laughter] You can put that one on down, that one is definitely out. And if it is run, another coach will be coaching. [Laughter]"

On the schedule for the coaching staff over the next six weeks:

"I try to get the coaching staff, get 'em out of here. They've been hitting it hard for a while. And when you go, at the end of the season it really kind of starts your organization with free agency, the draft and all the film that is involved, going through these minicamps. I want them [to] recharge themselves and once we come back on that Monday on the 22nd [July 22], they'll be ready to go. We'll go to Richmond and get started."

On the players' schedule and staying in shape before training camp:

"Well, players have got to keep in shape. We've been working for the last nine weeks and the reason why we've been working the last nine weeks is to get yourself back to football shape. For the players, they have to be very disciplined over the next five weeks to stay in shape. And if they cut out at all what they've been doing then the chances of you doing something special once the season starts are very slim. So the emphasis here for the players over the next five, six weeks is to stay in shape. The people that do have injuries will be getting treatment. Hopefully our players come back to Richmond and are in better shape when they come back than they are right now."      

On what defensive end Adam Carriker can do at the moment:

"Yeah, Adam, I can't tell you for sure. It has been slow with his thigh tendon injury. He has had some repercussions on it. I can't tell you for sure until the doctors tell me that he'll be ready to go. They haven't been able to do that, he hasn't been on the field. So it has been a slow process and he is here all the time working out but there was a setback with it and we'll find out in time. I can't tell you right now."

On guard Josh LeRibeus:

"Anytime you have a hamstring – sometimes the hamstring, then it kind of comes into the groin area – he's just got to get back into football shape. I just don't want to put him out there and send him back for another three weeks and then all of a sudden he has got maybe three more weeks to get in shape, get ready for camp. So once he had that hamstring injury, I felt in his best interest is just to run, do the things that he needs to do. He has been getting a lot of film work, all the things that he needs to do. He is a very smart kid and I'm just hoping that he is full speed ahead once we get to Richmond and that gives him a chance to compete for that starting job."

On defensive end Doug Worthington and tackle Xavier Nixon:

"Nixon had a family issue. Worthington got hurt yesterday with a bicep tendon and we're evaluating that right now. Hopefully it's not real serious but first indication, it could require surgery."

On safety Jordan Bernstine's recovery:

"He is like the rest of the guys. He's working out extremely hard. He's made tremendous strides in his rehab. I can't say it's a lock for him to be ready to go once we start our camp but he's done everything we've asked him to do to be ready. His injuries were more serious than most injuries." 




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