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More On That Unconventional Robb Akey Interview


Remember last week when head coach Jay Gruden, at his press conference, said that during the team's interview with defensive line coach Robb Akey "he knocked over garbage cans and chairs and tables, he was fired up."

It created quite the image.

Well, in his interview with Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, Gruden elaborated a little more about the hire and just why some of the room's furniture was getting thrown around.

"We were going to go through the process of interviewing a lot of defensive line coaches, but when [Akey] came through our door it was like, 'We're done,'" Gruden said. "He did a great job in the interview, knocked over garbage cans, chairs and tables. [He was] very into it, very energetic, very passionate about the position. I'm excited. "

But why was he kicking those things around?

"He was demonstrating some drills in the room, knocking things over," Gruden said. "We were ducking and dodging flying objects. It was pretty impressive."




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