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Morgan Moses: Camaraderie Is 'Big Deal' For Offensive Linemen


The time the Redskins offensive linemen spent at the "Hogs 2.0" camp in Houston really set things in motion for them prior to the start of training camp.

As hot and humid as it's been in Richmond, Va., for Redskins training camp at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center, right tackle Morgan Moses, and the rest of his offensive linemates, got a chance to experience another level of heat prior to their arrival in town when they went to left tackle Trent Williams' football camp down in Houston.

"Very intense man," Moses said, when describing how tough the camp was for him. "Have you ever been to Houston? It's hot and it's like the desert. I think one day we spent two hours in the sand doing footwork and stuff at 3 [p.m.], so it's real hot around that time. It was great though. The camaraderie of the guys and to be able to get the guys to go out there and workout was a great deal."

There were a lot of great things that Moses and his teammates got out of their time in Texas, but Moses was able to pinpoint a few things that he really enjoyed while he was down there.

"Just to see everybody out there and willing to give up a week and just have fun," Moses said. "It was good man, and worthwhile, because we got here, and we all had goals, so we were able to get here and hit the ground running."

"Definitely for the rookies it showed them that this is what we do, and this is the work ethic we put in every day, and so they know what to be prepared for in camp," Moses said.

The Redskins are well into the day-to-day grind of training camp right now, as they began their first full week of walkthroughs and practices on Monday. Moses believes the time down in Houston with his teammates was of great benefit to them, and just piles on top of the solid work they've already put in at training camp.

"Definitely man, being able to have an offensive line that hasn't changed from last year allows us to start from where we left from OTAs," Moses said. "The communication and all that, but also what we did in Houston in getting out there and having dinner, working out together, and having that chemistry."

Moses and right guard Brandon Scherff are like two peas in a pod. They're both extremely bright and capable young players who were able to get the job done on their side of the offensive line last season. Moses and Scherff teamed up and started all 16 regular season games, plus the Wild Card playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. It was a big season for Moses, especially with him coming off a Lisfranc injury the year prior, which wiped out his rookie season.

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"Obviously having one year under our belts with starting is a big deal, but just from where we left off last year, and building the chemistry, and communicating is something we picked up the last couple of months," Moses said.

This is why Williams' camp in Houston was so huge, and why each and every snap the offensive line takes together at training camp is vital, because if they're solidified up front, then it gives someone like running back Matt Jones a chance to take one to the house each and every time he touches the football.

"I believe in him," Moses said of Jones. "He's a hard worker, he's a big back, and the games he was on the field for [us] last year, he had a nice couple of sparks there. His ability to do what he does is great, and for him learning to pick up blitzes and stuff like that. We're here in training camp practice, and he's working hard so that's all that matters."

The level of offensive talent Washington has doesn't just begin and end with Jones, though. It's a seemingly never-ending supply of talent on that side, beginning first and foremost with quarterback Kirk Cousins, and it trickling down to the wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, and of course the offensive linemen.

The ability for the group to get a full season under their belts in 2015, and come together as one, can only serve them well moving forward into the coming season.

"It's great man," Moses said. "Kirk [Cousins] is a fantastic quarterback, and also a fantastic guy off the field. Anytime you got someone in that position who is willing to learn, and the one thing about us is that we're all young last year, and it was his first role and we had a young offensive line so we we're able to gel together."

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