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Morgan Moses Works Out While His Sons Catch A Ride

Redskins right tackle Morgan Moses has learned over the last few years how to balance being in shape and being a father. Nothing was more evident than a recent trip he took to the Redskins' Indoor Training Facility, in which Moses got some workouts in at the same time he provided a thrill ride for his two sons, Jeremiah and Isaiah.

Pushing some sleds and doing some leg and core work on rolling contraptions, which I couldn't possibly tell you the name of, Moses had the grand idea of letting each of his sons hitch a ride as he flexed his muscles -- seen in a couple of videos if you scroll through his Instagram above.

It's often been said that it's not a great idea to bring your work home with you, but what about bringing home with you to work?

For the Moses household, this means no babysitter, and, as the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation preaches, it's important for kids to "Play 60" minutes a day, so that's really killing two birds with one stone and, if you're Moses, staying on brand with your community engagements.

"Being a father is an amazing thing," Moses said to last year. "I became a father at a young age. My fiancée, soon to be wife, had a daughter when I came into her life, so the things I used to do as a college student, I couldn't do anymore, because I had someone looking up to me. Now, in being in the NFL for two years, with the Washington Redskins, I've had two sons. That's a man's dream, to have sons back-to-back. Hopefully, one day, they'll say, 'Hey, I want to be a football player like my dad.'

"Everything I do from now on, I know that my children are looking at me," Moses said. "I try to set the right example. I'm not right all the time, but I try, and I think my kids see me trying and that's the most important thing."

It's impossible to know if his sons will decide to play football right now, but based on the fact that they're getting a thrill being pushed on weighted sleds, there's at least a good chance they will enjoy pushing them one day, too.

Who needs to pay for rides at fairgrounds this summer when dad has everything you already need?

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