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Nate Sudfeld Studied Kirk Cousins, And Not Just His Game


As of this writing, there are 398,709 video views for quarterback Trent Williams' speech at the 2011 Big Ten Luncheon.

Though, you can be sure that the Redskins' newest quarterback, sixth-round draft pick Nate Sudfeld, is responsible for at least 100 of those views.

The quarterback said as much over a conference call with local media after he was drafted. Cousins spoke about his background with the Big Ten and then focused on privilege in his address to the crowd.

"I followed [Cousins] a lot as he's been at Michigan State with me being from Indiana," Sudfeld said. "I watched the film of his speech probably 100 times to make sure I could try to get mine as close to his. He did a great job on that one."

Take a listen to Sudfeld's speech from this past year and compare them.

And, like Cousins, Sudfeld has played a big role in other communities, specifically in Uganda, doing humanitarian work.

"That's been a very instrumental part of my life – my family's humanitarian organization and being able to go on trips," he said. "I've been on two trips to Uganda. It's really shaped my world view and my perspective, first of all, to take advantage of all the opportunities I have. I feel like it's my responsibility because I have so many opportunities, but at the same time to keep everything in perspective in terms of there are real problems in this world. Don't let a loss get me down too bad. Obviously, make sure it never happens again, but make sure I keep a level head on my shoulders throughout the whole thing."

It's pretty clear this year's quarterback room will be very well-spoken. 




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