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New Quality Control Coach Shane Waldron Tweeted A Lot About Optimus Prime


The Redskins announced that Shane Waldron will be taking over duties as an offensive quality control coach. Before we go any further, there are probably many of you that still don't understand what a quality control coach actually does.

Similar to an entry-level position, but requiring much more detailed work, the quality control coach's job is essentially an exercise in game preparation. The coach will typically work in advance on the schedule and prepare for upcoming opponents by studying video to chart down and distance situations, personnel groupings and formation tendencies. He'll then share everything with his staff.

In other words, it's a lot of work in the weeds and requires a lot of meticulousness.

Examining a recent article about Waldron's Twitter habits, it's why he should be a good fit. The former UMass offensive line coach spent up until just a couple weeks ago neck deep in the recruiting process for his University, scouting and finding high schoolers to fit the Minutemen program. During the process, he had a hard time turning away from Twitter.

"I was the sucker that paid for the international data plan," Waldron told the Daily Hampshire Gazette regarding his recent trip to Saint Lucia. "It's nonstop."

Why would he need Twitter for recruiting? I guess the question is silly in 2016 considering you can find out plenty by browsing the timeline of a senior football player. Still, someone has to be dedicated enough to do it, and Waldron fits the bill.

"You have to adapt with the times and social media is part of that adaptation," Waldron said. "It's an easy way to break the ice and start the process."

For UMass that's meant using the hashtag #OptimusPrime, a way to promote the team identity, "build[ing] something that's indestructible." Soon, it became #OptiMass16.

Many colleges during recruiting season use themed hashtags to promote some aspect of their program and get recruits to use it when they tweet after a visit.

Let's just say, Waldron got really into it.

"For every kid, it's a 30-second background check," he said. "You get a sense of a kid based on what he said and how he said it. Whatever is on a kid's Twitter is just the surface of what he is. If he is willing to put negative things out there, it's not something you'd want. It's the tip of the iceberg."

Maybe Waldron has some ideas for Redskins hashtags this season?

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