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Next Stop On Kirk Cousins' London Tour? Tottenham

If you're a keen observer of men's haircuts, specifically the one that Kirk Cousins began to sport before making his trip to London, then the quarterback's hairstyle makes sense. It was all just preparation to fit in on the pitch.

We documented on Sunday about Cousins’ recent trip to London to promote the NFL in the U.K – he hit all the landmarks and spent some time teaching students how to properly throw a football – and the last leg of his trip involved a visit to White Hart Lane, home of the Tottenham Hotspurs.

So, while Cousins didn't get a chance to go to Hawaii, he's still returning home with a new jersey boasting his name and number.

Behind him in the locker room are the jerseys of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen and Hugo Lloris. Cousins is smiling like he knows these players pretty well, so we'll believe him.

Does this mean Cousins is a Tottenham fan? I guess he has to be now.




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